Do these mirrors look like regular mirrors?

  • Our mirrors look just like regular glass mirrors. We use high-grade acrylic mirror with great visual clarity and reject even the smallest imperfections.

What is the minimum age requirement for the mirror?

  • Children at least 2 years old is recommended.

    How do I remove the plastic cover masking?

    • Starting from the corner, gently rub your finger against the edge to peel up a section of the plastic cover. Pinch the section and slowly peel back the cover to expose the mirrored surface.

    How is the mirror hung on the wall?

    • All mirrors include strong double-sided mounting tape or screw set to mount the mirror directly to the wall.

    How long does it take to receive my order?

    •  Most domestic orders are received in 5 business days or less, including order processing and transit times.

    Why is there only STANDARD shipping? (What are my shipping options)

    • This allows us to have more flexibility when choosing a carrier to ship your order, lower our shipping costs, and pass that savings on to you.

    How is my order shipped?

    • We ship USPS Priority Mail / First Class or UPS Ground for domestic orders. 

    Do you take checks or money orders?

    •  Sorry, we do not take checks or money orders.

    Do you charge sales tax?

    • We charge sales tax on all orders billed and/or shipped to Texas

    Do I have to create an account to make a purchase?

    • No, visitors have the option of checking out as a "guest" where no account setup is needed.

    The mirror I received looks blurry, cloudy, and/or scratched up?

    • Our mirrors come with a plastic cover masking to protect the mirror during storage and shipment. The cover must be removed to view the actual mirror.

    Do you sell glass mirrors too?

    • We only sell acrylic plastic mirrors, specificity designed to be safer than regular glass mirrors.